Though I started my college search with low confidence and expectations, Mrs. Vuong spent months helping me learn my strengths and interests, and how to combine the two to find the best school for me, regardless of ranking or acceptance rate. However, working with Mrs. Vuong has prepared me for things well beyond college applications. She works alongside you while simultaneously pushing you to produce high-quality results. I would never have learned how to juggle the application requirements and deadlines for 11 different colleges, how to craft a professional and concise resume, or even how to efficiently seek out work experiences and internships that helped position me in my current field of interest. The interview preparation and networking skills I developed with her are invaluable even as I work to enrich my college resume and apply for jobs. On top of all of this, Mrs. Vuong was like a second mom throughout this process, with awesome snacks stocked at each meeting and an attentive ear to my numerous panic moments during application season. Even after we finished our formal work together, we still keep up and grab lunch every now and then because her interest in her students’ success persists well after high school graduation and college matriculation. Christian Bone, Student at the University of Chicago

“I do not think there is anyone who could have helped me during my college selection process the way that Mrs. Vuong did. She always let me know exactly what I needed to do, and when I needed do it. She offered her assistance with whatever I asked and helped me to complete the task at hand. She never once told me that my requests were too extravagant, and always ensured that I would submit my best work, sometimes emailing me work 6 or more times back and forth with revisions. Mrs. Vuong always amazed me with the amount of care that she expressed about my well-being and future. This care was stretched far beyond her college advising duties, and it made working with her extremely pleasurable. The promptness Mrs. Vuong had with communicating and assisting me was fantastic. She continually went out of her way on holidays and vacations to answer my questions and revise my work. I will always be thankful for Mrs. Vuong and cannot express how much I appreciate her efforts, encouragement, and I look forward to her lasting friendship. I never worried throughout my college selection process and I owe much of that assurance to her. To any student or parent looking for a college advisor, I cannot recommend anyone more highly.” Trevor Carr, Student at the University of Texas at Austin

“Applying to a college is a daunting task: what application should I use where? How do I meet the deadlines? Which schools should I even consider? I know for sure all these thoughts went through my head when junior year rolled around. However, my worries met solace when Mrs. Vuong walked me through how I should build my resume, helped me choose a selection of colleges that was right for me, and guided me on how get my applications in on time. She was the only reason I was able to follow through with my essays and applications! Mrs. Vuong is professional in her approach, knowledgeable of everything college related, and truly respectful to people of all ages.” Bruce Brookshire, Student at Vanderbilt University

“Mrs. Vuong more than prepared me for the college application process. We worked extensively on building a thematic résumé that best reflected my interests, and tied the information from my résumé into my college essays. Over the course of my years in the Upper School, Mrs. Vuong also worked with me to plan my academic and extracurricular activities that would best position me get into my top choice colleges. Overall, the process is methodical, comprehensive and successful in its approach to finding the best college fit.” Kate Roberts, Student at Tulane University

The road to admission at the University of Oxford is not for the timid or the weak. The journey requires tremendous preparation, exhausting amounts of research, and a flawless execution to secure one of the few coveted spots. The overwhelming experience could be likened to marching into battle. Despite the intimidation, however, I knew victory was certain because I had Trang Vuong as my champion. Mrs. Vuong worked tirelessly to procure inaccessible information, and from start to end, was the binding force that connected my ambitions to my potential. She also became a part of our family, cheering ne on in the musicals at school, supporting my extra-curricular activities and consulting with me and my parents on a daily basis. In fact, she even shaped my academic path to find the perfect intersection of interest and aptitude. As a result, I made the leap from pursuing mechanical engineering to studying Roman Classics, and I will forever be grateful. On my own, and with my family, I might have gone far. But, with Mrs. Vuong, as the movie “Hercules” puts it, “I can go the distance.” Stratton Hibbs, Student at the University of Oxford, Oxford, England & Choral Scholar

“We attribute our sons’ success at getting into highly competitive universities to Trang’s immense skills at navigating the college admission process.  She was there with us every step of the way in a process that would have been overwhelming without her.  Her insight into colleges and universities across the country helped our sons find their perfect “fit”.  We could not give more praise to her impeccable work.”  Randy and Neysa Roberts, Parents of Justin (Vanderbilt University), Ryan (University of Michigan), & Tyler (Southern Methodist University)

“College counselors routinely call on HS counselors with questions about applicants.  It’s rare to find a HS counselor who really knows their students, and it’s even more rare to develop a long-term record of trust based on carefully shared information from parents, students, and teachers resulting in solid decisions from well-communicated options.  In 15 years, I give only two HS counselors that level of trust, and Trang Vuong is one of them.  I look forward to many more years of her professionalism, expertise, and valued input as she serves her expanded clientele.”  John Householder, Texas Christian University Admission Counselor

“Beyond even my parents, Mrs. Vuong was the single biggest help in my college process.  If it wasn’t for her meticulous guidance and immense patience in putting up with me, I honestly don’t know where I’d be.  To any student with college ambitions, I can’t recommend her enough”.  Billy Swartworth, Student at University of Texas at Austin, College of Natural Sciences Honors Program

“When I first came to Mrs. Vuong as a sophomore I had more than 20 colleges I was interested in applying to. I knew I wanted to play soccer in college, but I had no idea all that was required to even get a coach to look at you. Mrs. Vuong spent hours with me editing letters, videos, and emails to college coaches, giving me advice on what to say and how an athletic resume should look. Without Mrs. Vuong I would not have reached out to coaches that early and formally introduced myself, and that would have definitely hurt my chances for finding a university that best fit me academically and athletically. She helped me whittle my list of schools down to a manageable number with insight on the universities. Also, Mrs. Vuong really took the time to get to know me personally and that made it very easy for her to say “Allie, I think you would love this school, maybe you should look into it” or “This school does not really fit your criteria”. Her advice was critical to my college search, and all of her efforts with editing my essays, some even requiring five or six rounds of edits, really lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. The college admission process is extremely stressful, and I do not think I could have survived without the help of Mrs. Vuong and her constant attention to my route to college.” Allie Werner, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“Mrs. Vuong expertly helped craft their resumes, beginning at a very early stage, when there was still plenty of time to encourage specific activities that would improve their visibility in front of admissions committees.  When it is time to actually begin the process, she reviewed their goals, listening with an acute ear to suggest schools that might fit their needs that they may not have previously considered. Both of my children adore her, and could not wait to inform her of their successes as the admissions letters and scholarships filled our mailbox.”   Lisa Lowry, Parent of Ella (Stanford University) & Bryant (Southern Methodist University Scholars Program)

“Trang Vuong was our oldest son’s college advisor at All Saints Episcopal School. She was very easy to work with and provided a wealth of information and advice, ranging from resume creation and essay guidance to fit searching. With her help, our son was blessed with the difficult task of having to choose just one of the several top colleges to which he was admitted, all of which fit his personality and interests. He made his choice, assimilated quickly, and has had a wonderful first year.” Glenn & Suzie Thames, Parents of Jeremy (Vanderbilt University)

“Truly professional at every aspect of the advising career. Mrs. Vuong set out rigid goals that were lofty but attainable through constant encouragement. Her ambition concomitant with her kindness is what helped me get into the university of my choice.”  Trevor Long, Student at Texas A&M University

“Mrs. Vuong was a tremendous help throughout the entire college application process. With so many different applications to complete and essays to write, her methods of organization helped simplify what otherwise would have been a very complicated, complex, and time-consuming undertaking. Mrs. Vuong is a well-known advisor at many different universities around the country, and it’s easy to see why. She knows what colleges are looking for from applicants and ensures that her students are well-prepared for each step of the process, from the first years of high school through the end of senior year. Mrs. Vuong is also one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. Her patience, encouragement, and kindness are unwavering, and she always has a positive outlook. I highly recommend Mrs. Vuong for college advising, as both her strong character and exceptional abilities are testaments to her expertise, and no doubt the causes of her success.” Caroline Boylan, Baylor University, Business Fellows Program